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Welcome to my newest addition, “In The Blog”. A few months ago, I decided to jump out of my element and start a video tutorial to help my current clients and potential clients with their mortgage process. Over the past several years, there has been much change in the Mortgage Industry. We have literally seen changes every year since the BIG recession of 2008: CMHC premium fee increases, amortization decreases, policy changes, both big and small, and self employment policy changes to name just a few. With all of these changes, it has invariably become difficult to keep the public informed in such way as to alleviate confusion, stress, uncertainty and the desire to simply throw ones hands in the air! This is why our office is starting a series of mortgage videos – to help address these confusing changes and to help simplify the process We don’t want you to throw your hands in the air and give up or to tell yourself to “forget about it”.

The mortgage buying or refinancing process is one that is suppose to be the start to a wonderful journey of home ownership! To be able to dream of owning your own home that you can customize to fit your lifestyle and tastes; but how do you get there when there is so much conflicting news and information? At times, it’s easy to feel like you are swimming in information but how do you pull it out so that you can make heads and tails out of it. Well, we are going to do this for you. Our newest series are designed to give you this information but in smaller fractions. Information chunks that are easily absorbed.

I never thought that I would want to contribute to the Mortgage Industry on such a personal level that doesn’t contain pens and paper or calculators. Instead, I am using my own experiences to relay direct to you what you have wanted to know but couldn’t quite figure out from the internet. We took 3 days to shoot our first 2 videos, and WOW, these days were intense. Memorizing lines for a camera is not quite like speaking to a client one on one. But I think we got it! Fix Auto was kind enough to allow us to occupy their shop and office – and their people! I should also mention that during these shoots the temperature soared to almost 40 degrees but to get that perfect shot, we turned off the A/C! So we have hot weather, girl under the hood of a car, no A/C and sporting a fresh pair of coveralls. It truly is the perfect picture of the ideal mortgage broker! Ok, maybe not but it sure is entertaining.


So every month we will be uploading a new video along with some fun pics to you so you can see our progression in our newest series: Mortgage Mechanics. Our desire is to help you to become informed, knowledgeable, and savvy so you can make the best personal mortgage decision for you and your family. No more complicated jargon, or bank lingo. Just simple facts relayed in a simple manner. That’s our goal: to educate and inform so that your dream of home ownership is easily realized!

Stay tuned and stay informed … with me, Kari Gares, your Independent Mortgage Broker and video diva!

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